Arcus 40A4 EGLM 40x46mm Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher

for Kalashnikov Assault Rifles AK-47 and AK-74

The Launcher is attached to AR-MI and AR-MIF AK Series Assault Rifles by means of hand-guard adaptor with Picatinny rails.

The adaptor is included in the accessories of each launcher.

The hand-guard adaptor incorporates two Picatinny rails for mounting of the aiming sight and other standard accessories. Attaching to (and removal from) the rifle does not require any tools.

The design of the UBGL allows convenient hold of the hand-grip for loading, aiming and firing, with left or right hand. The aiming sight allows visibility of target and ensures both fast and precise aiming. Mechanisms for correction are easy and convenient to use.


Caliber: 40x46mm
Ammunition: Type Nato Compatible Low-Velocity Grenades
Muzzle Velocity: 76 m/s max.
Maximum Range: 400 meters
Maximum Effective Range (area targets): 350 meters
Maximum Effective Range (single targets): 150 meters
Rate of Fire (per minute): Minimum 6 shots
Safety Distance Limits AR406 HE grenade (for drill firing): 80 meters
Safety Distance Limits AR406 HE grenade (for combat firing): 40 meters
LauncherĀ Length: 363 mm
Launcher Weight: 1.55 kg.
Type of Firing Mechanism: Double-Action (DA)
Firing Mode: Single shot fire
Aiming Device: Mechanical, adjustable leaf sight, foldable and marked. The sight is attached to a standard Picatinny rail
Barrel Life: Minimum 800 shots
Number of Launchers in Wooden Case: 10
Wooden Case Dimensions: 800x500x200 mm
Wooden Case Volume: 0.08 cubm.
Wooden Case Weight: 37 kg.


40x46mm AR406 HE-SD
/High-Explosive Self-Destruct/

40x46mm AR433 HEDP-SD
/High-Explosive Dual Purpose/

40x46mm AR466 ABHE
/Air-Burst High-Explosive/

40x46mm AR476


AK-47 Assault Rifle

AK-74 Assault Rifle