Our Production Capabilities

The scope of activity of ARCUS Co. includes defence-related products, machine tools and equipment for the machine-building industry, tools, non-standard equipment and repairs, automotive spares, new product development and projects for transfer of know-how, transport, products and services for the civilian market.

The annual turnover of the company is 85 to 89 million USD and average pay-roll personnel 2900 employees.


Cylindrical and cylindrical-cone parts with thread and additional transitions, within diameter size 1 to 67 mm and length up to 150 mm.
The parts are processed on high-yield six- and eight-spindle automatic lathes “GILDEMEISTER” and “DAMPF”, turret single-spindle automatic lathes “INDEX” and longitudinal peeling automatic machines with accuracy up to 0.05 mm and surface roughness Ra 40.
Universal machine tools – lathes, grinding machines, CNC machines “DECKEL”, “HAUSER”, “MAHO”, “BLOHM”, “STUDER” with accuracy of 5mm and grade 0.32 max, spark-electro- discharging machines “CHARMILES”, wire-cutting EDM “AGIE”, machining centers “MAUSER” and “WILMANN-MAKODEL”.
ARCUS Co. is equipped with 200 multi-spindle- and 80 single-spindle automatic lathes.

  • dies and press forms of maximum overall dimensions 500 x 400 x 400 mm;
  • devices and fixtures of maximum overall dimensions 600 x 500 x 500 mm;
  • collet chucks for multi-spindle automatic lathes- maximum clamping diameter of bar up to 52 mm;
  • cutting tools: drills, countersinks, reamers up to Æ 52 mm; face cutters for multi-spindle automatic lathes; turner cutters and mills; taps and dies of normal and fine pitch, thread-rollers within diameter 60 to 300 mm;
  • gauges for linear and thread sizes and their counter-gauges.

The company has eccentric and hydraulic presses of pressure from 0.5 up to 500 t and fine-blanking presses “FEINTOOL”.

  • diameter of the wire 0.4 to 2.5 mm.
  • maximum length 1200 mm.
  • minimum length 6 mm.
  • maximum outside diameter 40 mm.

The springs are manufactured on high-yield automatic machines “WAFIOS” in big series.

  • non-ferrous castings
  • parts of cast iron by conventional forming – weight up to 250 kg.
  • parts of cast iron by forming in burnt polystyrene models – weight up to 20 kg.
  • Volume hardening of constructional and alloy steels in salt baths, dry furnaces, vacuum furnaces and cementation units.
  • Maximum hardness achieved: HRC 58 to 62.
  • Maximum dimensions of the parts: diameter 300 mm, length 750 mm.

ARCUS Co. manufactures non-standard equipment upon design documentation of the customer as:

  • machines of overall dimensions up to 3 m.
  • conveyors of length up to 25 m.
  • baths

For gauging, mechanical tests and chemical analysis.

Mechanised and automated assembly workshops meeting highest requirements.


Big-series rotational parts with galvanic finish for the concern AGAP, CITROEN and sub-contractors of FIAT.

Sports units ‘TOP FORM” and “LEG EXTENSION”

  • Line of power heads to multi-operational machines: SGH-4, SGH-10, SGH-16, SGR-16, SGF-125, SGF-160, RP-6.
  • Eccentric presses: small-size eccentric presses of pressure 0,5 t and 6 t.
  • High-speed drilling machine VPM-6 (12.000 rpm) for drilling of accurate holes. Options: reverse motion and coordinate table.
  • Collets for metal-cutting machines. Set of collets of high accuracy, diameter from 4 up to 26 mm.
  • Keyless chucks for all types metal-cutting machines and power drills of maximum diameter of the drill 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm.
  • Vices of various sizes for metal-cutting machines.
  • Electro-magnetic valves for various purposes.
  • Customer products fulfilled upon client’s documentation.

1. Shock absorbers.
1.1. Front and rear shock absorbers for MOSKVITCH, LADA, SEFIMA, SKODA, ARO and UAZ.
1.2. Shock absorbers for Korean cars MUSO and SPORTAGE.
1.3. Front and rear shock absorbers for IKARUS.
1.4. Shock absorbers for waggons.
1.5. Shock absorbers for washing machines.
2. Spares for cars LADA, MOSKVITCH, FIAT etc.

ARCUS Co. is supplier of CITROEN France, concern AGAP Germany, FIAT Italy, ARYT and SOLTAM, HIRTENBERGER Austria, LLAMBRICH Spain, “VERKON” Ukraine etc.

ARCUS CO. is a company with traditions in the field of manufacture and trade with defence-related products, possesses high technical and processing potential ensuring flexibility for the production management and widening of business activity areas.