30x165mm HE-T

High-Explosive Tracer Round

for GSh-6-30K, GSh-6-30L and 6K30GSh Automatic Air-Defence Guns

The 30 x 165 mm Round with High Explosive Tracer Projectile is intended to engage air and ground targets.

The round is fitted with distance-armed, delayed action, self-destruct fuze.

This round is to be used on automatic guns 2A42, 2A38, 2A72 and modifications that are mounted on the following carriers:
• Infantry Fighting Vehicles BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-2, BMD-3, BTR-80A, BTR-90 and their modifications
• Air-Defence Complex “Tunguska” and Pantsir S-1
• Attack Helicopters Ka-50, KA-52 and Mi-28 and modifications

The ammunition is safe in transport, storage and handling and ensures the reliable performance of the gun systems in all weather conditions.


Caliber: 30x165mm
Fuze Arming Distance: 20 to 100 meters
Self-Destruction Time:  7.5 to 14.5 seconds
Operational Temperature Range: -50 to +50°C
Shelf Life: 15 years
Projectile: High-Explosive Tracer
Fuze: A-670M
Explosive Filling: A-IX-2 (RDX)
Propellant: 6/7 P-5BPfl
Cartridge Case: Steel
Primer: KV-30, KV-3-1
Muzzle Velocity: 950-970 m/s
Probable Deviation: 5 m/s
Average Pressure (max): 3600 kgf/cm2
Weight of Round: 826 grams
Length of Round: 292 mm
Weight of Projectile: 385 grams
Propellant Charge Mass:  122 grams
Burning Time of Tracer: Not less than 10 sec.
PACKING: – – – 
Number of Rounds in one Case: 54 rounds in three air-tight sealed boxes in a wooden case
Case Dimensions: 860x380x220 mm.
Case Gross Weight: 61 kg.
Case Volume:  0.072 cubic meters
Number of Rounds in one Case: 25 linked rounds in one air-tight sealed box in a wooden case
Case Dimensions: 420x245x340 mm.
Case Gross Weight: 37 kg.
Case Volume:  0.035 cubic meters


30x165mm ROUND TYPES

COMPATIBLE Automatic Air-Defence Guns: GSh-6-30K, GSh-6-30L, 6K30GSh – Kashtan

GSh-6-30K, GSh-6-30L, 6K30GSh – Kashtan
Naval Air-Defence Systems

Kashtan Air-Defence Complex