Fuze V5-K

for 57mm Unguided Rockets S-5

V-5K is a mechanical, nose, point-detonating fuze with super quick action. The fuze features distant arming.
The fuze V-5K completes 57 mm High Explosive and Hollow Charge unguided rockets S-5K, S-5KO, S-5KOV and S-5MO, launched from UB-16 and UB-32 aircraft rocket pods.

The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the safe and reliable function of the ammunition in all weather conditions.

The fuze is armed after burning of propellant by the set back forces.

Upon impact the fuze provides super quick action.
The fuze functions under impact and inertia forces. The inertia device ensures action not only upon impact on both solid and marshy ground.


Action: Point-Detonating or Delayed Action
Arming: Distant by set-back and rotational forces
Range of Arming: After burning of the rocket propellant
Operational Temperature Range for firing: -60 to +50°C
Operational Temperature Range for storing: -60 to +50°C
Shelf Life: 20 years
Length of Fuze (max): 119 mm
Intrusion Length (max): 25.5 mm
External Diameter (max): 40 mm
Weight of Fuze:  168 grams
Type of Booster: Tetranitrol
Weight of Booster: 0.8  gramms
Thread Size: Spec. 36.18 x 10tpi
PACKING: – – – 
Number of Fuzes in one Case: 64 fuzes in 4 metal air-tight sealed box in a wooden case
Case Dimensions: 500x522x170 mm.
Case Gross Weight: 40 kg.
Case Volume:  0.045 cubic meters